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2013: The Year in Blogs or My Year of Writing Dangerously

Waze, Tesla, Nokia, Blackberry, Apple, Google, OnStar. These are the names that we recall looking back on 2013. Incremental progress has been made, but hopes are high for 2014. It is with that progress and hope in mind that I share these links to my blogs from the past year – in case you missed one or two… or all of them. Here they all are: – Black Box Insurance Coming Soon to Your Car – Some Light New Year’s Reading for US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx – ‘Twas the Night before Xmas and OnStar is Running Ads and Tracking Santa – Rumors of Android Consortium at CES Greatly Exaggerated – A BYOD Thanksgiving in Planes and Automobiles – Time to Tune in to Mazda Radio or Honda Radio or… – Tesla’s Burning Car Response Highlights Industry Blind Spot – Why Can’t BMW Figure Out Who I Am? – Cars Can and Should be More Like Phones – ACR Will Transform Radio Engagement – Why Amazon Buying Blackberry Makes Sense – Distraction Mitigation, Back-up Cameras, V2V Top US DOT To-Do List – Nissan Free Tow Hints at Changing Automotive Customer Relationships – A To-Do List for the new U.S. Transportation Secretary – Anthony Foxx – New FRA Railroad Crossing App on the Wrong Track – Waze Gives the Location Industry a Lesson in How to Create Value – Brazil Must Raise Safety Standards Before It Raises Its Car Exports – Wearable Transportation within Our Reach – Distracted Driving: It Can’t Wait! – A Message for the NAIC – Siri Pushing My Buttons – Microsoft’s Nokia Acquisition Puts Map Data in the Spotlight – Consumers Interested in Self-Driving Cars Despite Industry, Government Obfuscation – AAIA Sounds the Battle Cry over Automotive Service Hegemony – Progressive: Rate Suckers Change up the UBI Message – The UK Leads the Way, Again, in UBI Car Insurance – Conflicted Strategies Tangle Virginia, Maryland Transportation Funding – California VIN ECON Next-of-Kin Notification Bill Has Global Implications for Telematics – Brazilian cab passengers benefiting from connectivity via Samsung tablet-based Multitoky Mobile – UBI Technology Challenging Old Insurance Industry Customer Relationship Practices – Dealer Power Failure Could Stop Connected Cars – Tweddle Enabling a New Vehicle Relationship Paradigm – The Greatest Disruptive Force in the Automotive Industry – UPDATE* – NADA Phase 2 Factory Image Program Study: Happy Returns from Service Investments – Turn Off the Red-Light … Cameras – Safer Intersections are within Reach – Smartphones Can Solve the Map Update Challenge Now! – Affinity Programs Will Replace Usage-based Insurance Sound and Fury of 2012

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